What You Need to Include in Your Wedding Planning Checklist?

Planning your wedding can be a daunting task if not done properly. It is imperative to note down every single detail of the big day. Start with important things like venue, guest list, mink lashes private label, menu and moving on to invitation, shopping for yourself and gifts.

mink lashes private label
mink lashes private label

Mnkhr Now that you are engaged, a new life mink lashes private label with its tremendous goodness. There is a lot that goes into planning a dream wedding. Only because there is so much to be taken care of, you will not know when it will start getting stressful. Before you hit that stage, here is a real checklist to make it less of a chore.

What, Where, When?

First Things First! Decide the date of the wedding and the number of functions. Budget for everything right from venue, entertainment, accommodation, stationary, clothes, mink lashes private label, photography etc. Count the number of people who are primarily responsible for the whole affair. Divide roles properly and make sure they don’t overlap. Keep a few friends and family members as backup. Start shortlisting from hundred great venues in your city. Remember hot venues get booked fast, do your research quickly. If the required date is available at any of the top three from your list, BOOK NOW!


After booking the ceremony and reception venues, start thinking about catering, decor and live entertainment. Pay mink lashes private label, and work meticulously with the wedding planner or individual vendors on deciding the décor, menu, wedding cards etc. Book a professional photographer and a videographer after checking his work. Please inform the panditji in advance so he keeps free. Start looking at the number of people to be invited, and spread them over functions. Once you have the count, order invitation cards. Make sure you inform your overseas guests well in time, and hold their accommodation as your responsibility.

‘Tis the season for ‘new’ stuff

While sticking to coherent plans is a good idea, there are times when you need a breather. So, organize your shopping list and get a partner to go around with you. Go scouting for your attires and for the immediate family members. Book an Indian wedding makeup artist, mehendi artist and hairstylist in advance. Go for a trial mink lashes private label before you deposit the advance. Go buy a wedding ring and start looking at some honeymoon options. Tell someone to make arrangements for your bachelorette party. Start with your beauty routines. Get your hands on everything that you have been meaning to do for a long time like learning how to cook or drive. Going on a mini-holiday etc. and indulging in some ‘me’ time will relieve you of stress.

Follow Up

mink lashes private label
mink lashes private label

Whether you have hired a planner or briefed people, your mink lashes private label is not yet over. Keep following up by sending out reminders and checking the progress against each task. Confirm with friends and family on whose handling what on the final day. Personally check that all payments are made in order to avoid any last minute issues. Collect your attire well in time, go for food tasting at the venues, and relook into RSVP’s. Check that all transportation needs are taken care of.

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