Breast Cancer – Diagnosed at 32, My Story Part 3 – Chemotherapy

In the previous articles, I discussed how I found out about the breast cancer and my korea lashes glue latex free . Now, I start the chemotherapy and what no one told me would happen.

Choosing Chemo

I had no idea that you had to choose your own therapy. It seems that you are given several korea lashes glue latex free and you go from there. I chose the shortest round possible. I did not want to go through chemo and I wanted it all to end.

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The Day the Hair Revolted

Mnkhr   We all know that you lose your hair during chemo. What no one told me was how fast it would go. I learned from other breast cancer survivors that it is about three weeks later you lose your hair. For me, it was three weeks to the day.

One day, I got in the shower with all my hair and got out with none. It was like all my hair planned it out, waited for the right moment, and then decided to jump ship on the same day. It really was that fast. Before shower hair, after shower no hair.

In a few days, I lost everything, all my eyebrows, korea lashes glue latex free , and even the hair on my arms and legs. For months, I did not have to shave since I did not have one stitch of hair anywhere on my body.

Side Effects Feel Like Pregnancy

During this whole time, my best friend was pregnant. It seemed we had the same symptoms. We both got nauseas over smells. We both had intense cravings for food. We both got tired. We even both had very odd mood swings. In fact, I had the mood swings for so long that I didn’t even know I was having them.

I equate the moods to those of steroid rage. I was mad at so many people. I was mean and I really do not know why. My only guess is that the hormones were so off that it made me a bit crazy. After it was over, I felt horrible about some of the things I said and did. I even apologized to my friends and family.

I especially apologized to my husband, who I repeatedly asked for a divorce. He, however, was great about it. When I asked him to leave, he would just say, “You can’t even get a glass of water. I am not going anywhere.” I really do love him and glad he didn’t leave.

The Final Surgery

My last surgery came months after I finished chemo. It was to take out the expanders and put in saline implants. I must say, I did get to customize my breast to the exact size I wanted. I went a little smaller than I was but I really like them now.

Again, I was flat on my back for a long time. Again, I could not move my arms and my husband had to do it all. Frankly, I am not sure how he did so much with no help. We lived on an island during the whole thing and our family was thousands of miles away. It was just the two of us and he did so much and took so much abuse. I cannot imagine how he did it.

The Recovery

In my final article, I will discuss how things went after the final surgery, the follow-ups and what life is like korea lashes glue latex free .

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korea lashes glue latex free

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