Six “Sexy Lips” Tips

Full, soft, inviting handmade mink fur lashes. Want them? We all do,

and now we all can have them. Here’s the kiss and tell on luscious

handmade mink fur lashes
handmade mink fur lashes

#1 Mnkhr Hands off. Let’s start simple, with a line you may have
heard in your youth. Mom always told you and so will we –
stop biting and licking your lips. It smears your color and
irritates your lips. Keep handmade mink fur lashes and pens away from your
lips. It’ll keep your pucker pretty and keep lipstick off
your teeth.

#2 Hydrate yourself inside and out. Water, water, everywhere.
Be sure to drink your share. You know you need to drink at
least eight glasses of water a day. Here’s another reason to
do it. Water is vital to tissue health.

#3 Protect your lips from wind and sun damage. Always wear
lip balm with a handmade mink fur lashes of 15 or higher. Always. And, don’t
forget your lip balm. It moisturizes your lips and serves
as a base for your lip color. Wear it in place of lip color
on no make-up days. Worn under your lipstick, it’ll even
help extend the life of your color.

#4 Lip liner can be a lifesaver. Lip liner serves two main purposes. It solves size and shape problems. It reins in
your color. Thin lips? Following the lip line, outline your
natural lip shape slightly beyond the edge of your lip.
Thick lips? Lucky you. If you think they’re too thick
(is there really such a thing?), try the opposite.
Following your lip line, outline your natural lip shape
just inside the edge of your handmade mink fur lashes.

Lining your lips helps keep your lip color from seeping out
to the skin around your mouth. So, if your lipstick seems
to migrate, then lip liner can keep it in place. One
caveat to using lip liner: Your lip liner should not
actually be visible once your lipstick is applied. So,
choose your handmade mink fur lashes liner carefully. If the world sees an
outline around your mouth, you’re using the wrong liner.

#5 Lip color sends a message. The color you choose says
something about how you view yourself and how you want
others to view you. What does your favorite lip color say?

Pale pink: pretty and sweet.

Red: chic or daring.

Coral: fiery and adventurous.

Brown tones: classic and timeless.

In fact, browns are a universally great choice. Every mouth
can wear brown.

#6 Get glossy. Lip gloss is not just for teens. A little
gloss worn on low-key days brightens up your face. Lip
gloss applied over your daytime handmade mink fur lashes transforms you into
a party girl. Lip gloss dotted just in the center of your
lips creates a pouty look.

handmade mink fur lashes
handmade mink fur lashes

Your handmade mink fur lashes are ready… are you? You’ve pampered, primed,
lined and colored yourself all the way to a perfect pair
of lips. So pucker up …

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