Are You Suffering From Dry Eyelids?

Does the skin around your eyes feel dry and tight? Does it itch often during winter? Are there flakes, peeling, a feeling of soreness? Chances are, you may be suffering from dry skin around the eyes Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes.

Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes
Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes

Mnkhr In usual cases, dry skin beneath eyes occurs to individuals who already have existing skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Blepharitis, a condition where the eyelids become inflamed due to bacteria, can also be a contributor although cases are not that common.

The condition seems to deteriorate during winter, when the dry and cold weather sucks away the skin’s natural moisture. However there are other precipitating factors. A common cause are cosmetics and cleansers that contain strong, allergenic compounds or ones that aren’t compatible with your specific skin needs. Contact with nickel used in Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes curlers can also be culprih, as are some shampoos and hair dyes with p-Phenylenediamine. Food can also be a possible contributor.

While you may be tempted to apply a normal moisturizer to relieve symptoms, do consider that the skin on your eyelids and around your eyes is very different from the rest of the face. It is ten times thinner and is much more sensitive. Any product that you apply in this area should therefore be milder and non-irritating as generic lotions, creams or moisturizers may only aggravate the dryness and worse, even harm your eyes.

When you’re suffering from dry skin around the eyes, your best bet is to use an all-natural moisturizing eye cream gel. There are specific solutions especially formulated to moisturize the skin around the eyes. Although the gel is targeted towards eliminating wrinkles and crow’s feet, it also contains nourishing and moisture-locking ingredients like honey and weed extract; as well as lecithin and Eyeliss™, which both work to improve fluid and blood circulation around the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness and tightness.

Apart from applying a moisturizer, try to eliminate as many allergenic compounds as you can in your beauty routine. Start by using an organic baby shampoo for your hair. Shampoo suds inevitably trickle down on the lids when bathing, so you want to make sure your shampoo is non-drying and non-irrritating. Stop using make-up till the condition Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes . This also helps identify the specific cause of dryness.

Make it a habit to wash your hands before touching your eyes. You might be unknowingly transmitting bacteria or irritants on your lids without knowing it. Place moistened warm pads on the eyes daily to help soften flaky patches and dry skin beneath eyes and lids. You could also dab a tiny amount of olive oil after sun exposure to counter the effects of UV rays. In addition, wearing sunglasses is a must when going out to prevent further drying.

Nutrition is also very important. This is a given, but try to drink up lots of water; it helps keep the skin elastic and improves circulation. Consume vegetables, fruits and foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like avocados, walnuts and salmon. These nourish the skin by providing moisture and encouraging collagen production, which helps keep the skin smooth, firm and Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes .

Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes
Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes

Don’t let the problem escalate. If you have dry skin around the eyes, try these tested soothing ways. You might just find a fitting and lasting solution to your problems.

Stephanie Seow is a skin care enthusiast who has been researching natural remedies to promote healthy skin care. To learn more about her researches and findings, visit her website at Beauty Customized Packaging False Lashes

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